We Draw 3D Floor Plans for Real Estate Agents

by Barbora J. 1. March 2012 22:23

3D floor plans will increase the attractiveness of your office and you will get a competitive advantage which the others do not have. Clients appreciate the neat plans of the property. 3D visualization is engaging and it even better highlights the proportions of the apartment.

Here is a quick guide to effective collaboration:

  1. Draw a floor plan of the property on paper, or scan (or take a photo with phone/camera) existing plans. Make sure they have all the documentation ready:
    1. Concentrate mainly on the proportions of the apartment, such as walls, balcony.
    2. Select the door  (do not forget to indicate how they are opened) and the windows.
    3. Indicate the material of the floors in the rooms – linoleum, parquet, tiles and their colour etc. If you do not, we can choose neutral colours and materials – grey linoleum, white tiles in the bathroom for you. 
    4. Add at least basic furniture and sanitation.

Keep in mind that the more information you provide, the better the 3D floor plan we will create for you.picture of floor plan

  1. Please, send the following documents to email: nakresli.plan@floorpad.com, keep in mind to include:
    1. Your email address trough you are registered in the system or some sort of information which helps us to match the plan with the user account. The easiest solution is to send documents directly from the address through which you are registered in the system. 
    2. Make sure that the prepared materials are readable and comprehensible.
    3. If you provide the ID of the advertisement, we will give you the plans with file names back: id_advertisement_plan_2D, id_advertisement_plan_3D_above, id_advertisement_plan_3D_edge.png
    4. You can also add notes to your floor plan – in FloorPAD it is appeared as a yellow  paper with a pushpin.
  2. Here are samples of redrawn floor plans from successful cooperation with real estate RE/MAX Best.


The resulting 3D floor plan is shown here: 


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FloorPAD Has New Websites and Domain www.floorpad.com

by Barbora J. 27. February 2012 22:11

We bought the domain floorpad.com, which is more common and better from the perspective of search on the Internet than the floorpad.eu domain. On this occasion, we also created new websites which come with new services such as the redrawing floor plans for you. You can read more about this in the next post.

Both websites are currently online. There is the old version of website where you can register on the floorpad.eu. The floorpad.com is a new version that is more user-friendly. The user registration is banned for this moment. The creating of accounts is possible only on invitation. The registration will be made available after migration of all data from the old system.

We are constantly striving to improve service. If you have any comments, ideas, we will be pleased when you will share them with us. Send us an email to support@floorpad.com.

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Drawing Floor Plans in 3D Is Finalized!

by Barbora J. 27. January 2012 21:57

We are proud to announce that the first version of 3D is ready! New 3D is even better and faster than ever before, graphic display options using the graphic card.

See how nice 3D plans created with FloorPAD can be:

 3D floor plan - the apartment in Zvolen

Note: You need the latest Flash Player 11.1. for the floor plans view.

New 3D floor plans coming soon

by Barbora J. 29. December 2011 16:14

At present, we are intensively working on creating 3D view of floor plans. The result of our effort is more than amazing – and it is all online without installing any additional software on your computer (you just need Flash Player 11.1.).

The picture shows a sample visualization of office space in 3D.

 Preview of shadows

Slovakia Draws Floor Plans in FloorPAD!

by Barbora J. 23. November 2011 11:12

And here it is! Designer FloorPAD has been directly integrated into the sites of server Reality.sk! Reality.sk has had a leading position in the Slovak market for many years. It has been striving striving to provide the best possible services and to keep one step ahead what has led to partnership with FloorPAD.

The clients of Reality.sk can also draw the floor plans, when they post advertisements of property now. Using the application is simple – the creation of floor plan takes only a few minutes. In addition, the clients can combine the floor plan with photos which are directly inserted to the place where they were shot. The drawn plan provides a better view of offered property, its size and layout of rooms. Look at tutorials which show how easy drawing the floor plan in FloorPAD is.

Of course, that is not all – 3D visualization will be added in January 2012 so the presentation of the offers will be more interesting. More information about drawing floor plans on Reality.sk can be found in their article in the news section.


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